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B.A.S.E. Group Services was founded in 1912 in Greece and its development was very rapid both in terms of human resources and turnover.

It specializes in the analysis and management of risks related to human life and property, designs and implements security solutions for all types of business areas.

The continuous presence of the management team of the company and the communication that we maintain with our customers give us the chance to monitor and evaluate their problems and in the end to provide immediate, effective and reliable solutions.

Following the international developments and by cooperating with organizations and training centers of international standards, we manage to improve and automate the operating mechanisms and to offer to our customers the most innovative and effective solutions while achieving the development of our company.

The company reserves partners throughout Greece and abroad, who can provide high quality services in any country you desire to visit.

B.A.S.E. Group Services is always informed  about socio – geopolitical developments through seminars and workshops which take pace all over the world with the aim of preventing conflicts and ensuring the security of our clients.

The experience and expertise of our staff coupled with the excellent organization have made BASE Group Services one of the leading companies in her field. The integrated, international Network of Partners and Security Consultants is able to meet the most demanding plan of guarding.


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Modern reality alters dramatically the structure of social safety. The Unemployment, the illegal migration and the instability of world economy create situations that can lead a lot of people to violence and delinquent activities.

In a competitive environment, at a time when needs and demands are increasing, our company offers protection and confidence to its customers. With a basis on a collective and coordinated action, we create an environment of absolute security.




BASE Group Services is a new, innovative, pioneering and healthy enterprise in the field of personal and corporate security services.
The vision for our company is to become the reference point, the role model, so as to establish a sense of security and trust for our customers both in Greece and in the wider region of the Balkans and South East Mediterranean


Our goal is to ensure the best safety conditions by providing the highest quality services.
Our company is a member of ASIS International and cooperates with large companies and international organizations by providing security services to places where the safety risks are considered strategic threats.


Being your partners, we seek the most effective security solutions in order to keep up with the particular and unique requirements of our customers.