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Number of Greek and multinational companies trust the guarding of their premises  in BASE Group Services.
Having done an extensive study of the guarding area and after the assessment in security needs is completed, the Planning and Safety Department of the company prepares a safety plan that responds to every possible risk scenario and trains the personnel employed based on the specific and individual needs of each guarding. Using the best and most modern technology, complete building coverage is achieved.
We aim to maintain familiarity with the environment and the activities of our customers, so we can respond in the best possible way to their needs.

The security plan formulated taking into account the following issues:

• Study of building installations
• Evaluation of the surroundings
• Creation of guest profile
• Risk Assessment
• Guest Management
• Input and Output Management
• Management of the firefighting equipment
• Commercial crime
• Business espionage
• Safety measures - Countermeasures
• Vulnerability of the building facilities

B.A.S.E. Group Services supports social justice and security strategies by offering security services  to Government installations.

The services offered are the following:

• Ensuring the maintenance of the buildings
• Monitor, control the movement and guarding of the government service cars
• Issuance of circulars, orders and instructions
• Control of the Input and  Output of  workers / visitors
• Management of the security protocol
• Security of the perimeter
• Checking of  letters and parcels
• Extinguishing Study



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