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4 evesthitoi stoxoiModern reality alters dramatically the structure of social safety. The Unemployment, the illegal migration and the instability of world economy create situations that can lead a lot of people to violence and delinquent activities.

B.A.S.E. Group Services is always informed  about socio – geopolitical developments through seminars and workshops which take pace all over the world with the aim of preventing conflicts and ensuring the security of our clients.

Having full knowledge of Greek data regarding the provision of security services, our aim is to change the established mentality by selecting strictly our staff and by implementing innovative methods of operation. In this way, we achieve
that our employees are composed by highly qualified professionals and the quality of our services is maintained at the highest levels.

 Company executives always try to be informed about the course of guarding by keeping up a constant communication with the client throughout the duration of the undertaken project, achieving to provide immediate and effective solutions to any problem or difficulty arising.

Finally, understanding the difficult economic situation which prevails because of the current developments in the global market, we are always able to offer alternative financial solutions, in line with the requirements and the economic ability of our customers.



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