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BASE Group Services, aiming at ensuring high quality in its services, formed the corporate Code of Conduct which is listed below:
• The Possession of all statutory licenses, documents and certifications
• Ensuring of the payroll and any allowance that employees are entitled
• Ensuring all of the necessary health and safety benefits towards the employees
• Ensuring of the best working conditions for staff
• Respect of the personal information of employees
• Equal opportunities and merit-based selection for the employees
• Promotion of the corporate social responsibility to the staff
• Implementation of continuous training and education of personnel
• Creative use of customers' complaints - customer assistance in order to improve services and the company's functionality
• Protection of  the confidentiality of information relating to the customer.
• Absolute transparency in the procedures we follow
• Fight of all forms of corruption and bribery and any other related practice
• Respect for and compliance with the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact
• Respect for human rights, as are stated in the Declaration of Human  Rights and the basic conventions of the International Labour Organisation.
• Participation in nonprofits organisms
• Commitment to continuous reduction of adverse environmental impacts of our activities


The staff of the company, following the successful completion of its basic training undertakes to respect and uphold the following corporate rules:
No use of drugs, alcoholic beverages and any other substance which may cause a decrease in the performance of staff. During the guard, smoking is not permitted.
• The working hours which are stipulated by the company must be kept with absolute consistency.
• Staff should be distinguished by formality and professionalism during the work and to behave with respect and kindness both to the Management staff of the company and towards colleagues
• The employees must always demonstrate good mood for cooperation with both administrative staff and with their colleagues in order to achieve the smooth management of the various situations and problems arising
• The employees must safeguard the company equipment against damage or destruction and  in no case to be not themselves the cause
• The staff must ensure the interests and reputation of BASE Group Services in the Greek and international market
• The staff must observe confidentiality, towards any third party, with respect to the information received on customers or the manner of administration and operation of BASE Group Services. The only exception is the information that is required from the  managerial hierarchy of BASE Group Services.
• The staff does not make adverse public comments about other competing companies, clients, colleagues and associates
• The staff must inform BASE Group Services for anything it could create a danger about  the impartiality of BASE Group Services or that could constitute ground of conflict of interest
• Staff provides any facility and assistance only if this is not contrary to the objective of the project.
• Personnel must not leave the guarded area at any time
• The attack and  harassment, including sexual harassment, is forbidden strictly



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