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The workforce of the company

Our workforce is the best proof of the culture of our company. We achieve  the employment of our personnel to be harmonized with the high standards of the company by setting high goals and having vision combined with the international, strenuous and continuous processes of selection and evaluation of the personnel.

Our staff is characterized by  outstanding ethos, impeccable appearance, composure, seriousness, responsibility, punctuality (accurate observance of rules and procedures), patience, endurance, excellent physical condition, confidentiality, the decorous behavior, honesty, understanding, zeal and interest in the proper conduct of the project they serve.

Administration and Partners of our Company  were formerly members of the special operations of the Armed Forces and the Police with experience in National Army and NATO headquarters and operational units. Having  knowledge and experience, they created a very dynamic, reliable, innovative  and operational security company.

Selection / Review

The evaluation of our staff is done in accordance with the most modern human resource assessment tools including, among others, high body standards and psychological tests. The initial selection process and evaluation of our staff includes five stages :

• Biography • Physical Situation • Education • Training • Test Evaluation


The primary purpose of our company is the continuous education and training of our staff. All of  our staff is called at least once a month to attend Shooting Courses while  they are  involved in self-defense techniques. We also provide Training Center where every employee can complete the basic knowledge on the Provision of Security Services.

In specially formed areas, our associates can be trained in internal integration seminars such as:

Identifying IED

• Identifying Suspicious Persons

• Recognition of Suspicious Vehicles

• Analysis of human vulnerabilities

• Risk Analysis

• Analysis of terrorist attacks

• Development of teamwork in the service / advantages

• Bomb Threat

• Avoidance and prevention of aggressive behavior

• Avoid routine at work

• Avoid gunfight

• Personal protection

• Basic control principles for passengers

• Basic authorities for personal safety

• evacuation procedure

• Attack Methods

• Emergency Instructions

• Weapons / Technical battlefield

• Provision of security services  to vip houses

• Organisation of safety based on the security circles

• Area of Security and Labour Organisation

• First aid

• Fire

• Stress at work and consequences of this

• Emotional intelligence in the workplace

• Motorcycle Self-Defense Tactics

• escape techniques

• Regular of Vehicle Input and Output

• Accompaniment Techniques

• Self Defence Techniques

• Technical Driving Motorcycle

• Procedure of work and communication

• Definition of waypoints

• Body Language

• Maritime Security.

We place importance particularly on providing incentives and rewards as far as the level of professionalism and self-improvement of our staff. In this direction, we have adopted the conferment of rewards with the title "Best Employee of the Month" and " Best Employee of the Year"



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